Poi Facts
Poi Articles & Research Available for Download
By Craig W Walsh
Jun 13, 2008 - 4:43:00 PM

I occasionally get requests for more information about poi, especially its nutritional benefits.  This reminded me that I have a file of 165 scanned pages of articles, and I'm glad to make it available for download.

These articles are from the 1960's to the 1980's, and we obtained them in March of 2000 from the State of Hawaii Department of Health.  They range from newspaper articles ("Poi Keeps Ohio Child Alive") to scientific research papers ("Use of Poi in the Prevention of Allergic Disease in Potentially Allergic Infants," 1967).

The documents are scanned into an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file.  We have used OCR on the file, so it is fully searchable.

The 165 pages translate into a 7.42 MB file, which can take some time to download depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

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To download the PDF file, please click here .

We make no representations on the copyright in the PDF file.  If you hold the copyright in any of the material in the file, please get in touch.  We'd appreciate your permission to continue to offer this information --- but will, of course, promptly delete your material if that is your wish.

If, on the other hand, you have other articles that we should append to the PDF file, please send them to me via e-mail.


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