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Poi - The Ancient "New" Superfood
By Pamela Noeau Day
Dec 22, 2009 - 11:17:07 PM

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Taro Dream Inc. and BioNative Nutrition and Research Founder Pamela Noeau Day began her pursuit in 1988 for a hypoallergenic food out of necessity to save the life of her highly allergic infant daughter. This "staff of life" of the Hawaiian people not only saved her daughter's life but has been the answer for thousands of people with digestive challenges, celiac disease and food allergies.

Poi, the fermented paste of the taro corm (from the taro plant) is an ancient and sacred life giving food. Poi is hypoallergenic, naturally gluten free and contains plant-based microorganisms that have been validated by research to be safe and highly beneficial. Poi is also considered to be one of the most digestible foods on earth and has been recently shown in research to kill cancer cells in the colon.

The use of Poi is said to have led Captain James Cook and other early western visitors to Hawaii to describe native Hawaiians as being an exceptionally healthy people. More recent scientific studies have substantiated the observation that pre-western contact Hawaiians were among the healthiest races on earth.

Very few food staples exist anywhere in the world that can be considered hypoallergenic, rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, a good source of B vitamins, contain vitamins A and C, minerals, and a small measure of high quality, easily digestible protein. Kalo, or Taro, as it is more commonly known, is not only nutritious but is considered to be a beneficial carbohydrate food that provides a high fiber, slow-release energy food source that may be beneficial for the more than 100 million people worldwide that suffer from diabetes.

The following are just a few of the exceptional merits of Poi:

  • High in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The nutrition in Poi is better utilized than other foods due to fermentation (similar to yogurt) and small starch granules
  • High amounts of alkaline-forming elements in Poi reduce gastrointestinal disturbances and are better tolerated than other foods and reduce acidity in diseases such as cancer
  • Helps prevent cavities and creates strong bones
  • Provides valuable, easily digestible nutritional support for individuals who suffer from indigestion, malnourishment, special health challenges and those recovering from illness
  • Poi, if contaminated by pathogenic organisms may purify itself with naturally occurring lactic acid producing bacteria
  • Contains numerous and powerful health supporting fermentation compounds
  • Easily digestible, gluten free and hypoallergenic

The taro used by Taro Dream, Inc. is grown using Safe Food Farming™* methods and then after it is ground and then naturally fermented until it is just the perfect pH. Here’s why –

As taro ferments it produces precious and varied beneficial metabolites. Bacteriocins are one of these that exhibits powerful antibacterial properties. Some of the natural benefits of bacteriocins are: improved nutritional value of food, control of intestinal infections, improved digestion of lactose, control of some types of cancer and control of serum cholesterol levels.

After years of scientific research, the Taro Dream Inc. has acquired a full range of cultured food science and manufacturing innovations based on the use of dehydrated Poi. Although these phenomenal products are not available for purchase on the mainland US yet, through the process of developing its first product line Taro Dream®, a full line of Poi-based, gluten free foods is preparing to be launched nationally. Nutrient dense, naturally fermented, dehydrated Poi that includes powerful plant-based beneficial microorganisms will also be offered. POI BABY®, a novel and delicious Poi-based food for children and elders will also fill a gap in the health needs of many of the most vulnerable groups of the population.

Taro Dream, Inc. has funded years of feasibility studies, product research development, extensive test marketing and small scale manufacturing operations through the founder’s personal funds and time, as well as funding of over $600,000 in federal grants.

* Safe Food Farming™ methods meet or exceed organic standards

"I am so glad we can receive more. We love it! Both my son and I have sensitive stomachs - too much fruit (which isn't a lot) can trigger gut problems for us and that has not happened even though the summer fruits are upon us. Also, I recovered quickly from a bacterial stomach bug and I believe Poi was on great value. I am so grateful that we can get Poi from you and appreciate your generosity. Thank you!" --  Kathy

TDI is currently donating their special nutrient-dense dried Poi to people with critical issues. Contact tarodream@msn.com for details.

Copyright 1998-2009 by Craig W Walsh

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